Virtual Galaxy News Radio Player

We love adventuring through nuclear wastelands, but real life isn't nearly as satisfying, especially without the accompaniment of the right music, and the right host. vGNR is our solution to the problem - bringing the world of Fallout to you by simulating the various in-game radio stations.

Simply download and run vGNR.exe!


"Planned" Features

Change Log

2013/12/17 0.9.7 Fixed no-disk-in-drive bug.
Fixed non-English-install-location bug.
Now requires Visual Studio C++ 2012 runtime (instead of 2010).
2012/11/24 0.9.5 2024% faster.
Changed cursor to Windows cursor.
Added minimise button.
Made volume slider easier to operate.
2012/09/12 0.9.1 Fixed bug in Locations.txt (affected some Steam locations).
2012/08/31 0.9 Added.